We are a local family-owned restaurant using the freshest ingredients and a 100% coal fire oven. All the while serving up cold craft beers.

Whether you sit outside and chill out on our new patio or relax inside, you'll be glad you came -- we offer the best of South Oceanside's blue collar gourmet dining experiences. 

We are also open for lunch (Tues- Sun11:30 am to 4 pm).

For reservations of 15 or more before 6 pm, give us a call:  760-453-2500.


The Privateer was named one of 25 best things to do in Oceanside.  Find out more.

The Privateer was named one of 25 best things to do in Oceanside.  Find out more.

It's About the oven

We are the one and only gourmet pizza restaurant in Southern California with a coal-fired oven using 100% coal fire, no gas. Our oven is 7 feet in diameter and weighs 6,500 pounds. As a matter of fact, we built the entire restaurant around our oven! 


So what’s the big deal with coal fire you ask?  Coal fire is the secret to our recipes. At a temperature of 850-to-900°F, the oven cooks our delicious Neapolitan-style pizzas in three to four minutes. This leaves the pizza crust thin and crisp on the outside, allowing the inside of the pizza to be elastic so all that chewy goodness melts in your mouth.

Our oven takes 2 hrs. to heat up every morning. We then add dried oak to stoke the fire, along with 100% Pennsylvania coal that creates the magic.

it's about being fresh

Here at the Privateer we take fresh ingredients very seriously. From a clam chowder-inspired pizza known as The Captain Fin all the way to a Brussels Sprouts Pie, our fresh seasonal ingredients add to an amazing culinary experience you won't forget.

Not to mention our uniquely creative and tasty appetizers and specialty dishes inspired by our culinary wizards.

The Privateer takes great care and pride in the natural ingredients we add into all of our recipes. We utilize organic greens, spices, veggies and herbs grown in our local neighborhood at Cyclops Farms - by local farmer Luke Girling (pictured above). Less than a mile from our restaurant, we drive by Cyclops Farms every day as we watch our produce grow.